benita borbonus soprano

"Soprano Benita Borbonus convinces with her lyric voice full of nuances and naturalness:

A heavenly 'Angel of the Lord'."

(M.Bruch: "Moses")

(Buersche Zeitung)


"The lean and cultivated lyric soprano of Benita Borbonus impressed the audience with

perfection in the high notes

as Gabriel, as well as with smooth legato phrasing in the Duet as Eva."

("The Creation" )

( Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

Who I am

Why hire me?


I am a highly professional and enthusiastic musician,  a singer with loads of experience who is burning for music.

With me comes the musicality of an experienced orchestral musician. I know most oratorio masterpieces from 3 perspectives.

I am not a greenhorn, yet not on the downgrade.

I am thoroughly aware and in control of what and how I sing.

I transport my passion for what I sing towards the audience.

I am quite bold and ready to step in into concerts whithout having had the score for more than a few days...

Besides I am very little complicated for a soprano, 

and I am fun. 

Try me out!

+49 171 8840726

+49 2206 9074213